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The Power of Promotional Merchandise For Non-Profits & Charitable Organisations - Comments (0)
Don’t hesitate! Get your non-profit and charitable organisation on the map with promotional merchandise supplies.
How To Ensure Your Promotional T-Shirts Get The Message Across - Comments (0)
Promotional t-shirts have been an effective advertising method for decades! They are handed out at events, company social gatherings and as gifts to both clients and employees. This is one of the forms of offline advertising that has truly stood the test of time.
Bowl Out The Competition With Promotional Hat Tricks - Comments (0)
A hat is a hat is a hat - nope, that statement couldn’t be more wrong. A well-chosen, correctly branded hat takes your branding exposure to a new level. Promotional products are growing in popularity year-on-year and new ideas of promotional give-away proliferate.
Promotional Products for Winter! 🥶 - Comments (0)

This winter, at Star Promotions, we are offering an outstanding range of promotional products to help get your business to stand out. Our products are high in quality, cost-effective and eco-friendly. We use only the best materials that are also recyclable, so you can rest assured knowing that buying our products means you're being friendly to the environment.

Promotional products play a huge role in building brand recognition and increasing sales. It's a different form of advertising that still boosts your product or service's exposure to a wider audience. Even just giving out promotional merchandise to a few customers can have a huge impact on the reach of your brand. Having your logo on one of our products ensures that awareness of the services you provide is always being spread wherever the product goes. It is an invaluable tool to increase the reach of your brand to attract more potential customers.

As we approach the cooler months of the year, now is the perfect opportunity to have a look at our range of promotional winter products. We have a wide range of outerwear apparel that will keep you warm and comfortable including jackets, hoodies, vests and pullovers. Our outerwear is durable and made from quality materials like polyester and fleece. They come in a wide range of colours and are available in men's, women's and children's sizes.

We also have personalised beanies and scarves available to help you keep warm and looking stylish. Materials include acrylic, wool, cable knit and microfleece, so you can be sure that they're soft and eco-friendly. These are great items to use for promotional giveaways or to provide for your staff as part of a uniform. Either way, your brand will definitely stand out.

Blankets are another piece of promotional merchandise that is perfect for the cooler months. They are very easy to wash and fold away nicely and come in many colours and soft materials. Perfect for having a picnic or just staying home and keeping warm. These are the ideal winter accessory.

Here at Star Promotions, our mission is to help your brand stand out from the rest. Our high-quality yet cost-effective promotional products are the perfect tool to increase your brand recognition. So get prepared for winter with our range of promotional products that will keep you warm and looking cool!

How Promotional Products Improve Customer Evaluations Of Your Company - Comments (0)
Decades of research show that customers, prospects, staff and suppliers all enjoy receiving a freebie ‒ a quality, well-chosen one, to be clear. The fact that the freebie is branded promotional products does not detract from their enjoyment.
Why Branded Drinkware Make The Best Promo Gifts - Comments (0)
As a marketer, no doubt you’re looking for ways to increase brand awareness this year. After all, increased awareness equals an expansion in audience reach, brand affinity and ultimately greater profit.
4 Ways Promotional Products Can Boost Brands - Comments (0)

Do you realize how important the promotional products' role is in businesses? Promo products can increase your business growth by developing your company's brand.

Believe it or not, digital marketing efforts leave a fleeting impression. For example, recipients tend to keep promotional merchandise for longer than other forms of advertising.

An efficient marketing strategy is a must because it can boost your business tenfold. Moreover, companies should see the power of promotional products because it creates brand recognition.

Product or service exposure is a way to cater to a wide range of audiences because it gets your name out there.

Want to improve your branding? Here are 4 ways promotional products can boost your business.

Promotional products build brand recognition.

For a business to progress, it needs to create awareness for its target customers. Businesses are now using conventional strategies to increase brand recognition.

Many companies in Brisbane use promotional products because they have a longer shelf life. Plus, they are also customizable. People will always remember the promo products you give them because they use them every day.

1.They help increase sales.

Giving business promotional products to customers helps increase sales. Think of this as a long-term investment because you can see its effects after some time.

It will give them the inspiration to reach out to you when they need your services. And they might even share it with friends, further increasing your reach.

2.It affirms customer loyalty.

Having loyal customers or clients is an asset to your company's standing. Your customers will be using and promoting your services without even meaning to. Even simple promotional apparel or promotional water bottles can help to boost your marketing efforts. Plus these products help to foster loyalty from your customers because gifts are the first step towards reciprocity.

Many services in Adelaide use promotional products. They serve as a simple token of appreciation for customers. Simple yet useful items like pens, or bags can help your customers associate your brand with positive emotions.

3.It broadens your reach.

Even if you give promotional merchandise to a few customers, its advertising impact is huge. For example, you giveaway promo products in Brisbane, there are chances its exposure can reach other parts of Australia.

Your brand establishes recognition in different places because it serves as your business card. It helps spread awareness of the services you offer, even if you are not advertising there.

4.Get the best products.

Here at Star Promotions, we offer high-quality yet cost-effective promotional products. Furthermore, our mission is to help your brand stand out from the pack.

We offer corporate promotional products and you can find a range of choices to suit your preferences. Above all, we value your marketing needs, so our solutions will cater to your specific situation.

Our goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices. Moreover, we are a highly trusted promotional product supplier in Australia.

Even if you are just starting, we can meet your needs and help you build a successful campaign. Promotional products are not simple giveaways just because you feel like it, they can help improve your brand’s identity in many ways—so make them count!

Improving Brand Visibility through Promotional Products - Comments (1)

Corporate promotional products are common in today’s marketing. More businesses are investing in promo products for their employees and customers. Marketing executives have noticed the need to be different from their competition. So, by using these products, marketing executives can now increase their brand visibility.

What is Brand Visibility?

Think about a person walking down the street while sipping on their morning coffee. It’s easy for you to notice the brand of coffee that they’re drinking in the short time that it takes to walk past.

Brand visibility is the rate at which people recognize your product or service. And, the more people can identify your brand, the better your brand visibility. Customers looking to buy a product or service are likely to go for a brand with high visibility. And, promotional merchandise is the key to this visibility.

How to Improve Brand Visibility through Promotional Products

Products can be one of the easiest marketing tools for boosting your brand's visibility. Plus, they’re versatile and many can meet your business needs.

After buying your promotional products your next challenge will be distributing them. Your promo products need to reach as many people as possible. So, events such as trade fairs and pop-up markets are popular choices. The key is to take advantage of the foot traffic coming into such spaces. Because more people attending an event translates into more eyes on your brand.

Promotional products need to be consistent with your business’ message. These promo products are like moving ads that communicate your message at all times. They can be anything from promotional drink bottles to apparel. Take an example of a customer who received a t-shirt at a fair. This customer then realised that the t-shirt faded or frayed after the first wash.

This customer will feel disappointed in the quality of your promotional apparel. And, the customer will begin to doubt the quality of your other products or services. So, poor-quality promotional products will have a poor reflection on your brand.

Choosing Promotional Products in Adelaide and Brisbane

Getting quality promo products makes sure that your brand message remains consistent. And, this is where Star Promotions comes in. We provide business promotional products in Adelaide and Brisbane. We take immense pride in giving our clients the best quality possible.

Our products are always tailored to suit your needs, ensuring a lasting impression. Whether you want to strengthen existing relationships or forge new ones, we’ll be able to help.

Here at Star Promotions, we‘re only a phone call away from making sure your brand remains visible in your next event. So, Contact us today and we’ll help you reach a wider audience through quality promotional products in Brisbane and Adelaide

Why Choose Star Promotions? - Comments (0)

Offering premium-quality promotional products is the name of the game with Star Promotions and we take pride in the products that we offer. We also take pride in delivering exceptional customer service going above and beyond to assist our valued clientele. Our promotional products are outstanding and we ensure that we are affordable and you can make a cost-effective investment into promo products in Brisbane. Additionally, we offer corporate promotional products as well as various other types such as corporate apparel, calico bags, drinkware, technology promotional products and pens plus much more. Whether you are looking for corporate promotional products or promotional merchandise, Star Promotions offers a plethora of promotional products to suit your requirements and aesthetic taste. You might be seeking corporate apparel for your team or corporate gifts for your clientele, we can help with both. If you are seeking giveaway items for events or trade shows, our promotional products will stand out from the crowd. When you make a bulk order, we offer free shipping which is great and we engage with our clientele to offer quick and efficient delivery. Armed with around ten years of industry experience, we are a trusted promotional products supplier across Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and beyond. Our inventory of promo products is diverse so whether you are a corporate company, a small business looking for promotional products or a charity or not-for-profit organisation, we can help you with a successful promotional campaign. Our products are premium-quality materials and we ensure that quality control is adhered to and take pride in the standards that we offer.

Promotional Products For University

You might be fundraising or promoting a university event or show and promotional products for your event can be effective for marketing. Promo products in Brisbane or Adelaide, Perth or even Sydney are great for university students and students love free giveaway items or affordable promotional products such as pens and drinkware. If you are fundraising, promotional products are a fabulous way of gaining that well-deserved money for your campaign. We don’t use plastic bags or plastic cups but calico bags and quality drinkware such as promotional water bottles. University students love our bags of giveaways such as notepads, drink bottles, pens and pencil cases. Getting your brand on a reusable drinkware item as a promotional product is a smart way to market your brand and business. Marketing extends to promotional products which keep on advertising your business or not-for-profit organisation long after the purchase or giveaway is made. A promotional water bottle is a great way to keep the marketing going and it helps university students stay hydrated between and during lectures and tutorials it’s eco-friendly and sustainable as not a single-use bottle. We also offer technology promotional products which are great for university students such as headphones, flash or USB drives, phone cases, car chargers, selfie sticks and tablet cases plus more. Our leisure promotional products include coasters and umbrellas, sunglasses and towels plus much more.

Environmentally-friendly Promotional Products

As part of our promotional products inventory, Star Promotions offers calico bags, Fair Trade cotton bags, bamboo bags and canvas bags and we also stock jute and paper bags including wine jute bags. We strongly value being environmentally friendly and engaging in sustainable practices so our promotional products that are eco-friendly reflect our values. Eco-friendly promotional products are great to stand out as a business or organisation that values the environment and believes in reducing landfill waste and sustainable manufacturing. You can add slogans or branding to your promotional products and some are organic or can be recycled. Comprising durable and premium-quality material, our promotional products are second to none and we believe in committing to alleviating climate change and its impact on the environment. If you are a business or not-for-profit organisation and want to reflect the values of eco-friendly principles, then our environmentally-friendly promotional products are the way to go. We can customise them to suit your requirements and aesthetic tastes and we understand the value of committing to sustainable manufacturing practices. For quality promotional products for your business or organisation, Star Promotions offers a diverse range of products that will guarantee effective marketing for you.

Summer Promotional Products - Comments (0)

Summer is the perfect time for picnics, get-togethers and having fun in the sun. This means it is also a perfect time to invest in summer promotional products to give out to your clients and corporate partners. At Star Promotions, we have a wide range of different promotional products that are perfect for summer gifts. Promotional products like fold-out picnic chairs, umbrellas to help block out the sun and barbeque utensils are great seasonal products to give out. Since the weather is getting nicer as well, the number of corporate events and get-togethers will start to increase, so if you are running an event what a great opportunity to arrange this type of product to promote your company or business. If you are looking for something a little smaller or lowkey then products like towels, blankets and sunglasses are a great alternative. You can never have too many towels in summer and we have a wide range of towels that come in different sizes, types and of course colours to match your branding. Blankets are another great item as they come in handy for picnics or any camping trips that people may take over the summer and sunglasses, who does like having an extra pair around just in case? We are only scratching the surface about the range of products that Star Promotions can provide for summer events, so have a look today to see how we can help you push your corporate branding.

Christmas Party Promotional Product Ideas

Along with summer, Christmas is another time where having some seasonal branding can come in handy. If your company is hosting a Christmas party or even a Christmas get-together with our companies and people that you work with, organising some Christmas promotional products is a great way to finish out the year nicely. Depending on the kind of Christmas party you are having, glassware will normally go down a treat and can be a great way to serve a few celebratory beverages to say goodbye to the year. Continue down the same theme, at Star Promotions we also are able to source bottle openers, coasters, bar mats, stubby holders and other similar products. Really unite your company under the brand to celebrate a year that hard work deserves to really be celebrated. If a family-friendly Christmas party is on the cards, then we have a range of promotional products that suit a fun family day. From cute plush toys wearing your brand on their shirt, to leisure equipment to keep the kids entertained, you can deck the halls with branded gear. If you really want to go the extra mile, then Christmas t-shirts for your staff or corporate partners can be a fun way to say thank you for their business or work this year. With our range at Star Promotions, the ideas are endless so you can use many different products for little stocking stuffers or corporate gifts, and even way be inspired by the range we have available.

Mask up!

Starting as a necessity and soon becoming one of the biggest new accessories, masks have been the outcome of the pandemic. With a shortage of single-use masks, combined with the goal to be eco-friendly and for some people, a desire to be a little more fashionable, reusable masks have been one of the most popular items on the market. Almost every brand has its own mask now and it makes sense that they have made their way to corporate branding. Whether you are looking for a branded mask to give to your employees or it is a sign of the times to have them printed as a promotional product, at Star Promotions we can get them made to match your branding. Other items that we can supply businesses with are hand sanitiser, disposable masks and thermometers. COVID19 has changed the way many people do business and has added many new items to a business inventory. Many businesses will have to be subject to compliance, so being able to offer these goods to our customers is just another way Star Promotions has your back in this time. For kid’s masks, reusable ones with filters and other products necessary in this pandemic, check out our range online.